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    Toshiba MK1634GAL 1.8" 5mm 160G ZIF HDD


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    Just got Toshiba MK1634GAL 1.8” 160G 5mm single platter HDD back in stock.This model of HDD is originally found inside Apple’s latest version of iPod Classic. But during the testing we are really surprised to find out MK1634GAL actually compatible with iPod Video 5.5gen too. As we know from past experience any slim single platter HDD with capacity larger than 60G will not be compatible with iPod Video.So your iPod Video can be the largest capacity of slim iPod Video ever available after the upgrade! Yep we hate thicker back cover.


    • Manufacturer: Toshiba
    • Series: 1.8″ ATA7 Model MK1634GAL HDD1816
    • Interface: ZIF-40 (PATA) (CE)
    • Capacity: 160GB
    • Rotation Speed: 4200rpm
    • Platter Size: 1.8″
    • Access Time: 15ms
    • Cache: 8MB
    • Power: 0.8W (start up)1.8W (Idle)0.1W (Sleep)0.07W
    • Form Factor: 71x54x5mm
    • Weight: 48g

    1.MK1634GAL working in iPod Video:

    The best part is you don’t need a larger back cover to fit it in.
    2.See it inside:

    See it in iTunes:

    In Macintosh farmat:

    2. It can also fit into a Early 2008 Model of MacBook Air :

    After installed:

    See it in OS X Lion (It’s total 160GB after formatted with OS!):

    3. Our conclusion:

    This is the largest capacity 5mm slim 1.8” HDD ever available for consumers.Below is a list of device we’ve confirmed MK1634GAL compatible with, we will continue to add to it once we confirmed there are more device it can work on.

    Toshiba MK1634GAL 1.8″ 160G 5mm HDD confirmed compatibility list:

    • iPod Classic 80G/120G/160G
    • iPod Video 5.5gen 30G
    • iPod Video 5.5gen 60G
    • iPod Video 5.5gen 80G
    • Macbook Air Early 2008 Model

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